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The best NYC rooftops for your next Instagram post!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Everyone wants to know where the hot spots in NYC are! With a city so big and diverse, it can be intimidating to figure out the perfect bar to go to with your friends or significant other! Luckily, I've done all the work to find out which bars are the best for food, drinks and most importantly...Instagram pics! :)

CATCH NYC - Obviously. You can't go to Catch without seeing someone famous or watching someone get engaged. And you HAVE to sit on the roof top...even if there's a wait.

MAGIC HOUR ROOF TOP - Located at the Moxy Times Square. This place is perfect for the gram. From the drinks to the lights, you've seen a million girls take a picture in front of the "Where the magic happens" sign. It becomes this little area around the sign with girls taking pictures for each other, it's cute. The drinks are strong and DELICIOUS.

PHD TERRACE - located at the Dream Midtown. This place was stunning from the second you walked in the doors. The food and service was amazing. The drinks were insanely good. It definitely comes with the price tag though...the bill was fat for the short time we were there, but the quality of the food and drinks was worth it.

Oh, AND you can take pictures with this famous flower tunnel! This has Insta written all over it....Even though it gets awkward when servers and staff are trying to walk past you while you're just trying to get your perfect angles.

HAVEN ROOFTOP - This place was cool but I came in the winter and I believe it would be a much better spot for the summer. Nothing about the service or food blew me away though. The drinks were great, nice and strong too! I was pretty much drunk after one glass.

Let me know if you agree / disagree! OR if there's other places you want me to rate or review. Also don't forget to subscribe for more content like this! Tag me on instagram if you went to any of these places! @stephressler

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