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Hey friends & subscribers!!

SO...just gonna be honest, I made this blog as a passion project while quarantined. I had days, weeks, even months of free time and I put lots of that time into funneling content into this site.

Now, I'm back employed full-time, as busy as ever....and just haven't had the time to do the proper upkeep on this blog. So here it is...I've had a major uprise in viewership of this page and I'm truly humbled by it! I guess I had low expectations for this blog. I really created this site as a digital resume and portal for all of my content. I am passionate about SO many things from cooking to traveling to fitness...and more (all things lifestyle) I may have been on lock down and not been able to travel, but I've been keeping myself busy and that's why I wanted to drop this blog and give you all a MAJOR LIFE UPDATE!!!

First things first....

If you've been following me on social media for a while, you know I was teasing a show that I was filming...(NOT producing. I may be a TV Producer but I had nothing to do with this one)

Well if you're reading this then you probably already know that I'm currently on TLC's new show I Love A Mama's Boy!

Yes I have GIFS NOW TOO! I'll be sure to sprinkle those throughout my next posts...

If you haven't gotten a chance to watch the show yet - you can catch up by watching full episodes right here! The season is still airing on Sunday nights on TLC at 10pm/9c.

Also...people had a lot of questions so MIKE & I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Click here to subscribe!

This first video is a quick Q&A where we answer the most asked questions we get! From how we got jobs in television, how we happened to get on a TV show, and the story of our relationship! As you can all see by the many videos and photos I've already uploaded on this blog, I love to document my life and have more I'd love to share! Subscribe to my YouTube and that will surely encourage us to keep posting really cool things! :)

Hmmm, what else. New TV show, new YouTube channel...still quarantined...still a Segment Producer at NBCUniversal's Maury. I think that about covers all the news for everyone! BUT NO FEAR, I'M SO SOCIALLY ACTIVE I pretty much post everyday on either Instagram Twitter or Tik tok! So feel free to follow me there and subscribe to this blog for more exciting things to come!

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