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Rome, Italy

First of all, Rome is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my entire life. I can't say enough about how obsessed I am. We stayed in the area of Rome called Trastevere and it was the best decision we made. We loved it there. It was everything I ever imagined Rome would be. The small side walks, colorful buildings, open squares with shops, vendors and outdoor dining. The only regret I have is waiting until my second day there to try the gelato. I cried.

Now onto the touristy stuff...Thanks to the Lizzie Mcguire movie I had to make my way over to the Fountain of Trevi. And apparently so did a million other fangirls looking for a Pablo of their own. The fountain was packed and I was lucky to snatch this pic without random people in the background. I made a wish but it came true as soon as I opened my eyes.

Onto the food, because Cacio e Pepe....holy shit. Like I didn't think Pasta with pepper and cheese would be anything extravagant but the way they do it in Rome...I was wrong! I swear it has to be the signature dish of the city. I'm going to look that up right now to confirm. Yep. CONFIRMED. I will never recover from the fresh pasta compared to the boxed crap I've been eating my whole life. That's no hate to Barilla, that's just facts.

Religious or not, it's you will likely have an out of body experience when you visit the Vatican City. We went inside St Peter's Basilica and the place was divine. I can't even find the words to say because nothing will do this place justice. You just have to experience it.

And finally my favorite of all, the Colosseum. When I first saw the Colosseum I nearly froze. I couldn't believe it was real. It just struck me that millions of people have coming here for thousands and thousands of years. This place is legendary. It's right next to a whole area of ancient ruins. Every time I think about it I am mad that I'm here and that's SO far away and I can't just be there whenever I want.

More to come! Check out my trip to Florence in another post and a little combination of both trips on this video I made!

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